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Breathable Pet Carry Bag

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Take your pet safely with the soft transporter. Designed to keep the animal protected, safe and comfortable. This pet carrier is ideal for traveling by plane or automobile or simply to visit a veterinarian and is suitable for dogs and cats weighing up to 15lbs.

Robust and reliable design:

  • For safe transport, the transporter is equipped with 2 connectable handles to transport the animal and maintain balance.
  • It also includes an adjustable shoulder strap to carry it without using your hands. It can be folded and placed under the seats of the aircraft; In this way, you can always take your pet with you without having to travel separately.
  • The pet support has a side opening to allow the animal to enter without problems. The durable zipper keeps the openings tightly closed during transport.

Comfortable style:

  • The ventilation panels with breathable mesh in three directions not only ensure adequate air flow, but also allow the animal to look out.
  • The pet stand has a removable base that creates a solid and stable surface for your pet, together with the removable wool rug.
  • Offers a comfortable bed where your pet can sleep during a trip. It is the ideal option to travel with your pets.

Safety information: Do not leave the animal unattended while it is in the carrier. When traveling by car, place the transporter in the back seat.

Cleaning: The soft fleece rug can be removed and washed in the hand, while you can only clean the bracket where it is stained.

Dimensions: 41.1 * 24 * 30.7cm /16.2 * 9.45 * 12.1 inches ( Please measure the size and weight of your pet before purchasing )

The package includes: