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Expandable Soft-Sided Dog Carrier

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The Opening Top

With the expandable sides, your dog can stretch out for his car trip. He can go into his dog carrier easily through the top opening.

Dual-side Inner Pad

Pet travel carrier with dual-side inner pad which suitable for carrying your pet whatever in summer or winter. Give your dog the best inside environment. After removed the inner foam and PE board, you can wash the cushion.


The pet carrier can be fold without destroying the microframe, which is more easier to carry.

Pocket for Pet Food

Considering your pet may get hungry or boring during the trip, we designed a pocket in the cat carrier for storing pet food or toys to increase fun.

Carry in Multi Ways

Carry by hand, shoulder or just fix on the luggage, the pet carrier for cats and dogs is easy for carrying. Ideal partner for traveling with pet.

Safe Use for Night Trip

Designed with reflective tapes on both sides, the mesh pet carrier is visible at night and increase safety of your pet during night trip.