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Tactical Backpack 900D Heavy Duty

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This backpack is designed to support all your outdoor adventure and hiking needs. It features an extra-large expandable main compartment to fit everything you need for a day hike, overnight or three trip. It can be compressed to 40 liters or expanded to more and more liters of carrying space. Side parachute claps allow for tightening to provide a compact, easy to transport pack.

Air deflector carrying system: the backpack back design must fully comply with the shape of the human spine, so as to alleviate the discomfort of the backpack to the human body, and without prejudice to the head and torso of activities, and will better disperse gravity backpack throughout the back, to share the pressure and weight, with the back to form an air deflector, breathable hot, make you more comfortable.

Backpack plug system function is to increase the number of items to carry, easy to conjugate irregular hanging items. A professional mountaineering backpack, plug-in system is essential. Backpack external system can be divided into specific top hung, side hung, hung back, bottom hung, usually using fixed point or bar fixation. Users do not have to worry about travel, travel, travel, hiking the problem of insufficient space.